Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Vitiligo Treatment - No More Hidings

Most of us give preference to the external look where the skin plays a vital role. When we face problems in the skin it affects us both physically and psychologically. Vitiligo is one such a skin disease that leads to loss of skin color due to the dying of Melanocyte. Melanocytes are responsible for producing skin pigment melanin that gives color to the skin. The condition is photosensitive which means the affected skin areas are more sensitive to sunlight to those which are not.

There are many treatments available that help to restore the skin color or even the skin tone. Some treatments may have harsh side effects and the results vary to every individual. So, it is better to discuss with your doctor before having any Vitiligo treatment.

Treatments used for Vitiligo:

Sunscreen: Usage of sunscreen cream is mostly recommended because the lighter patches of the skin are more sensitive to the sunlight and they can easily tan.

Topical corticosteroids: Some studies have reported that using topical corticosteroids on the white patches stop the spread and restore the original skin color. If there is no improvement seen, side effects occur, then it is better to stop using it.

Depigmentation: When other treatments do not work out, Depigmentation is an option for a widespread Vitiligo. While applying a depigmenting topical ointment on the unaffected area of the skin, gradually it lightens the skin tone and blends with the discolored area. Though this treatment is fair, the person might be always extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Light therapy with Psoralen: In this treatment, psoralen, a plant-derived substance is used with light therapy to return color to the light patches. After administering psoralen, the person is exposed to UVA, UVB or excimer light.

Skin grafting: In this surgical procedure, small sections of pigmented skin are removed and they are attached to the areas that have lost pigment.

Blister grafting: Blisters are created on the pigmented skin with suction. Then, the top of the blisters are removed and transplanted to the discolored skin.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Know More On Follicular Unit Transplantation

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is an advanced method of hair transplantation. It is considered as one of the most popular modes of hair transplantations since it imitates the pattern of natural hair growth. This method also called strip procedure, is most suitable for people with a large balding area. Many people choose FUT over other hair transplantation methods as it helps to get a natural look.  A FUT usually costs between Rs 20 and 40 per graft which can vary depending on the efficiency and experience of the surgeon.

hair loss treatment in bangalore


  • The FUT treatment begins by anesthetizing the scalp.
  • The doctor then removes a strip of hair tissue from the donor area.
  •  The area where the tissue is removed is sutured by the doctor, leaving a fine scar that becomes practically undetectable once the hair starts to grow.
  • The donor strip is then cut into individual follicular units.
  • These follicular units are inserted by creating minuscule holes on the scalp.
  • Disinfecting solution is applied followed by securing the area with a bandage.

Advantages of Follicular Unit Transplantation

  • FUT guarantees a more natural look when compared to other hair transplantation methods. 
  • The method promises more hair growth.
  • Another advantage of FUT is that a large number of hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session.
  •  The procedure used in FUT minimizes trauma to the scalp.
  • It is a cost-effective quality treatment.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation promises results that are permanent.

Who is an ideal candidate for Follicular Unit Transplantation?

FUT treatment is considered more effective for those suffering from advanced hair loss. Men suffering from hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness too can benefit from this procedure. This method could be opted by those who never had any positive reaction from other medical treatments to stop hair loss. Patients who lost their hair as a result of trauma such as burns or lacerations could benefit from this technique. Patients who have gone entirely bald are not ideal for this procedure. Also, before undergoing FUT surgery, a patient is advised to reveal his or her accurate medical history to the surgeon to avoid severe side effects.

hair loss treatment in bangalore

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